Thermolab LLC launches the
Mini Function Test Stand.

 Thermolab LLC,
President Mike Snyder

Don't let the word mini fool you in any way. This function test stand may be compact but its performance and price structure is outstanding

Airstal is the exclusive distributor for the mini function test stand in EU. For more information please find the contact information below.

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The mini function test stand will evaluate any compressor with very few exceptions. There is nothing to set or adjust. The stand will automatically set the suction pressures and adjust the speed to evaluate a fixed or variable compressor.

There is a data acquisition system that measures the pressure including an extra input for crank case pressure. This allows a better picture of variable compressor to see if the internal valve is functioning properly. There is also an attachment to evaluate internal valves.

The mini function test stand is fully automated and will allow the printing and saving of data. Its low cost and functionality will be a great asset whether it is used for production, product evaluation or warranty returns.

We are currently seeking funding for an environmental laboratory to evaluate energy efficiency involved in cooling of commercial, residential, and automotive systems.